At DLD we believe that English language skills are a by-product of a passionate engagement in learning about the world.

In other words, while acquiring English skills is an important goal, yet another important goal for our teachers and students is to forge and strengthen a better, more expansive, more enthusiastic connection with global society.

Language is a vehicle for human communication. It is how human beings express ideas, facts, emotions, and humor. It is a living tool that, if it is learned well, gives its user access to the world and the opportunities the world offers.

We are continually searching for effective new ways to teach and for new means to stimulate students’ interest and involvement. A creative atmosphere is essential for both teachers and students. We believe that teachers and students alike should approach language studies with an enjoyment of human interaction and a spirit of adventurous curiosity.

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News & Announcements

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Happy Spring from DLD!

March 21 was the spring equinox, and the cherry blossoms have started to bloom! Here is a bit of spring-related trivia. In Latin, “equ” means “same” (think about the words “equal”, “equivalent”, and “equator”) and “nox” means “night” (the same root is used for “nocturne”, which is a piece of night music). So “equinox” literally means “same night” — because the hours of sunlight and the hours of darkness are equal in number! (There is also an autumn equinox, in September.) We at DLD wish you a happy hanami season ahead!

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DLD launches upgraded TOEFL Preparation Seminar.

The TOEFL test is constantly changing, and we are therefore constantly adapting our popular seminar to cover the test’s new challenges.